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The Next Evolution of Zion Wildflower Resort

by | Aug 4, 2022

People from near and far seek something that southern Utah has to offer. Maybe it’s the unique landscape that intrigues one’s adventurous spirit. Maybe it’s what pushes people to challenge the impossible. Maybe it’s the world-famous biking paths, hiking trails, and breathtaking sunsets. Whatever it may be, Zion is the only place where people can hike through narrows, walk along vast desert canyons, and ascend to where angels land. Much like Zion National Park, Zion Wildflower Resort encourages curiosity, facilitates adventure, and supports worry-free living.

Adventure seekers, Southern Utah’s showpiece glamping experience, Zion Wildflower Resort, is ready for you! Although we offer the best glamping experience, we are about to put the icing on the cake. Between new tent dwellings, guest accommodations, and special event experiences, you will forever remember your Wildflower experience.

Photo by Nancy O’Connor on Unsplash

First and foremost, Zion Wildflower Resort currently provides a one-of-a-kind glamping experience where our guests can enjoy a lively and gratifying wilderness experience while living comfortably and sleeping soundly. With luxurious camping amenities including air conditioning, feathertop beds, and modern bathhouses, you are sure to enjoy your stay. In addition to the current canvas tentsbungalows, and covered wagon stay options Zion Wildflower provides, we are in the process of developing 40 brand-new glamping tents. You may be asking, what makes these new tents better? These soon-to-come, larger single pole tents come equipped with their very own private bathroom suite; a desert dweller’s dream come true.

While private bathroom suites provide an even more luxurious glamping experience, the new additions don’t end there! If you are worried about acquiring enough space to spread out or the amount of privacy when staying in a tent, not to worry! Whether you are opting for a romantic getaway with your partner or a night of fun with the family, these new tents are built with higher sidewalls, to ensure more privacy, comfort, and space. Between the canvas tents, bungalows, and wagons, we happily provide you with every level of glamping and comfort here at the Zion Wildflower Resort.

Imagine a peaceful, serene evening as you and your loved ones are ready to conclude your day of travel and exploration of the incredible and beautiful terrain around Southern Utah. Guests who stay in our new luxury tents can enjoy returning to personal parking areas and nicely covered decks. These new covered decks are the perfect place to relax, meditate, watch a cotton candy sunset, or enjoy Southern Utah’s world-famous views of Greater Zion.

Not to forget, before you completely pack up a wild and wonderful day of adventures, a true glamping experience also requires a relaxing environment where you are free to lounge around and rest. In this exciting new phase of the Zion Wildflower Resort, we welcome guests to take advantage of the “watering holes.” Our new cooling pools are a great way to escape the southern Utah heat while continuing to enjoy the adventure. We invite you to picture splashing around in the water with the kiddos or taking a journey into a waterfall.

While some may enjoy cooling off in our pools, perhaps you prefer a place to soothe your sore muscles after a day of hiking. Not to worry, Zion Wildflower has deluxe hot tubs to help you unwind and alleviate any discomfort, fulfilling a truly luxe glamping experience.

What about food?! We know that with every good travel and adventure experience should come a worthy food experience. Enjoy dashing to get quick snacks and delicious smoothies at the Zion Wildflower Clubhouse. While enjoying your favorite snack, stop and admire the breathtaking sunsets from the rooftop deck. Regardless of where you are, Zion Wildflower guests will never miss the amazing panoramic views of the Zion skyline.

Zion Wildflower Resorts want you to bring the family! Has it been too long since you have reunited with the entire family? If it has, bring the crew out to Zion Wildflower Resort. the new phase of Zion Wildflower now has dedicated rental spaces for your large clan to play yard games, make memories, and enjoy each other’s company in a comfortable space. Inviting of all ages, Zion Wildflower Resort is the perfect designation to host your next family reunion!

Besides the new lodging and lounging options, Zion Wildflower also provides numerous recreational activities and spaces for friends and families to enjoy. Whether you are roasting up marshmallows, singing camp songs, or getting cuddled up with loved ones, everyone is going to love the addition of more fire pits. While the adults are cooking up a delicious BBQ on the briquette grills, the kiddos can be satisfying their s’more and munchy needs at the fire. We strongly believe the best of memories develop around the fire, so we look forward to catching you and your loved ones smiling, laughing, and dancing as you enjoy our rec spaces under Southern Utah’s stunning summer skies.

Have you ever dreamed of saying the magic words “I do” to that one you love most in the most breathtaking location on earth? If you or a loved one is exploring destination weddings, the Zion Wildflower Resort has the most glamorous venue space available to give you and your partner a magical experience on your dreamy day. Between the gorgeous red rock canyons, the charcoal lava rock, and the ocean blue sky, you will have the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of.

In anticipation of all of Zion Wildflower’s exciting new additions, have you discovered what is pulling you to Southern Utah? Maybe it’s the natural beauty, the ancient stories of adventure, the desire to learn, or the dare to challenge the impossible. Whatever the experience is that you are seeking, we, here at Zion Wildflower, want to empower your curiosity and wild spirits. With many incredible additions including the new luxury tents with bathroom suites, the addition of more incredible recreation spaces, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities we provide, Zion Wildflower Resort is beyond excited to host you and your families! See you soon!


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