4 things you might not think to pack while glamping in national parks

4 Things You Might Not Think to Pack While Glamping in National Parks

by | Dec 14, 2023

Glamping in national parks can be an incredible way to get up close and personal with the natural beauty of your chosen park. But one big drawback is that doing so requires a lot of gear. 

To get that glamorous camping experience, you’ll need a tent, bed and bedding, a source of heat or air, lights, and cozy extras like rugs and throw pillows. Purchasing that gear, lugging it to a campsite, setting it up, and, at the end of your trip, tearing it down, can be a huge hassle, not to mention a big cost.

One of the best things about glamping at Zion Wildflower Resort is that almost everything you’ll need during your stay is provided for you! Upon arrival, your canvas tent, complete with a real floor, will already be set up and waiting. It comes equipped with plush beds, soft rugs, furniture like dressers and chairs, lights, and so much more! Step inside our Grand Mesa Tents, and you’ll even find en-suite bathrooms, plugs, air conditioning and heat bunk beds, and a mini kitchenette!

Everything that you’ll need in your tent is provided for you, with the exception of personal items like clothes and toiletries. But there are a few other items that you might not think to pack while camping near Zion. Keep reading to learn a few items we recommend tossing in your bag before your next trip.

Blister Block and Body Powder

Nothing will ruin your stay in a Zion cabin or glamping tent faster than a bad blister or chaffing. During your time in Southern Utah, you’ll no doubt spend a lot of time on your feet exploring the incredible national parks, state parks, and other outdoor attractions. IThat much time on your feet, coupled with the high temperatures of the summer months, can lead to blisters on your feet and chaffing.

Carrying blister block and body powder can help you put a stop to blisters and chafing before it can ruin your trip.

Trail-friendly Snacks

Spending a full day hiking in Zion National Park or other nearby parks can leave you feeling pretty hungry. While there are plenty of dining options outside the park, there are limited options for food inside. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack some snacks that you can carry in your backpack and nosh on if you get hungry.

Trail-friendly snacks help you maintain energy and focus and are designed to hold up to being stuffed in a backpack or exposed to the heat. That makes them great for bike rides, too.

Some great trail-friendly foods include nuts, dried fruits, jerky (great source of protein!), granola bars or cereal bars with whole grains and plenty of fiber, trail mix, and hard candies.

Trail snacks that are less than ideal include potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, and sugary candy such as chocolates or gummy bears. These can be crushed while bouncing around in your backpack while you ride, or will melt in the heat. You can pack these items to enjoy in your glamorous camping tent or Zion cabin, but leave them behind when you head to the park for the day.

A Pair of Binoculars

You won’t have to trek up Angels Landing to enjoy some great views during your time in Zion—but if you do, you’ll still want to have this next item with you!

When you spot a bighorn sheet on the side of a rocky cliff face, a soaring California Condor on a perch high above, or simply want to get a better look at Zion’s peaks in the distance, you’ll wish you had an easy way to get a closer look. Before you leave for your adventure glamping in national parks, grab a pair of binoculars!

Binoculars are a great way to see wildlife and landmarks up close, especially in a park like Zion that has many different elevations and peaks. They are a wonderful piece of gear to have along for any outdoor adventure. While there are plenty of professional — and pricey — options out there, many pairs are inexpensive and also small enough to fit easily into a backpack, so there’s no need to worry about carrying extra weight or space when packing up for a trip.

A Map

When you first arrive for camping near Zion, you’ll want to stop by the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Here, you can chat with a ranger and get some trail recommendations for your visit. While hiking, you’ll always want to stay on marked trails. But even if you talk to a ranger and stay on the trails, it’s a good idea to have a map with you. And you can pick one up at the visitor center!

Having a map will allow you to find different trails, check which shuttle stops you’re close to, and otherwise navigate the park. Cell service can be spotty in the park, so having a paper map to use can be a lifesaver.

Packing for Glamping in National Parks

When you opt for glamping in national parks with Zion Wildflower Resort, almost everything you’ll need during your stay is provided for you! But having the items on this list along can help you to have a safer, more comfortable and enjoyable adventure!

Ready to start planning your own glamorous camping adventure? Book your stay at Zion Wildflower today!

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