changes on the way for zion national park

Changes on the Way for Zion National Park

by | Apr 7, 2024

Whether you’re already in the process of deciding where to stay in Zion National Park or just starting to plan a trip, there are some changes coming to the park in 2024 that you should know.

From fee increases to a new place to make reservations for camping and canyoneering, these changes could have an impact on your time in the park. Keep reading to learn a few changes coming to Zion, and why Zion Wildflower Resort might be the perfect basecamp for your next visit.

A New Place to Make Online Reservations

This is one of the smaller changes happening at Zion National Park this year, and a change that has already been in place for a few months. If you’ve made reservations to go canyoneering or backpacking while in Zion prior to the start of 2024 and tried again since January, you might have noticed that the process has changed.

That’s because earlier this year, Zion National Park moved its reservations to Recreation.gov. The move to the third-party website promises to streamline the process of applying for permits during your stay in our Zion National Park hotel.

Both lotteries for hiking Angels Landing were moved to this site in 2022. A variety of other reservations joined it earlier this year. Whether you want to book a campsite or enter the Angels Landing lottery, you’ll now do it at Recreation.gov. Some of the reservations you can make on the new site include:

  • Campsite reservations for Zion’s three campgrounds
  • Enter the Angels Landing Seasonal Lottery
  • Enter the Angels Landing Day-Before Lottery
  • Maker advanced reservations for canyoneering permits
  • Enter the lottery for daily canyoneering permits
  • Enter the lottery for permits to hike the Zion Left Fork North Creek (Subway), also known as The Narrows
  • Enter the lottery for permits to visit Zion’s Mystery Canyon

Fee Increases Arrive at Zion

Another change that took place earlier this year is an increase in the price of certain fees at the park. This includes an increase in the cost of overnight camping. The cost of a reservation to stay in one of Zion’s three campgrounds increased by anywhere from 25 to 75 percent in 2024, depending on the type of site you’re looking to book.

While other fees, like the cost to enter Zion, aren’t increasing, if you were planning to camp in the park during your stay, this increase may come as a surprise.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more luxurious camping experience, Zion Wildflower Resort is a great alternative to the park’s campgrounds. Even our Watchman Tents feature real furniture, electricity, heated blankets, and cooling units, ensuring that you enjoy a great, comfortable night’s sleep during your stay. This means that you’ll have more energy for your next day’s adventure!

For the ultimate glamping experience, our Grand Mesa Tents feature a variety of luxurious amenities, from private bathrooms to air conditioning and heat, to bunk beds for families. Want to get closer to nature? Step outside on your private deck to relax and take in the views!

Another benefit of glamping at the best Zion hotels Utah has to offer is that you won’t need to pack your own gear. Everything you need for an enjoyable stay is provided for you—our luxury bathhouses and private bathrooms even feature bath products!

The South Entrance is Set For a Redesign

More than 4.6 million people visited Zion National Park in 2023. Most of those visitors entered the park through the popular South Entrance

Located in Springdale, Utah, the South Entrance provides direct access to Zion’s Lower Canyon. The Zion Canyon Visitor Center is located just inside the South Entrance. This is also where visitors can catch the Zion Canyon Shuttle, and where the Springdale Shuttle, the shuttle that ferries guests throughout Springdale to the entrance to the park, drops off guests headed into the park.

But despite being one of the busiest areas within Zion, the South Entrance is small, which can lead to congestion and traffic on busy days. Luckily, this is set to change. Recently, the National Park Service announced a plan to redesign the South Entrance. Changes will include improvements to parking for larger vehicles, a new bridge to allow visitors and pedestrians to move more smoothly into the park, and a change to the road pattern and size.

This proposed redesign hasn’t been approved just yet. But if it is, visitors can expect to see changes start later this year.

Choosing Where to Stay in Zion National Park

From fee increases to a redesigned South Entrance, these are some of the changes coming to Zion National Park this year.

Now that you know what to expect during your visit, it’s time to decide where to stay in Zion National Park. From our unique lodging to our location away from the crowds of Springdale, Utah, Zion Wildflower Resort is a haven for families, couples, and solo travelers. Whether you want to try glamping or prefer a stay in one of our stylish Bungalows, there’s a lodging option for every traveler at our Zion National Park hotel! 

Need another reason to book a stay at one of the best Zion hotels Utah has to offer? When you book a stay of two or more nights before May 31, you’ll enjoy a 20 percent discount on your booking. Book your stay today to take advantage of these savings!

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