do you need camping experience to enjoy glamping

Do You Need Camping Experience to Enjoy Glamping?

by | Apr 15, 2024

Camping in Zion is a great way to get closer to nature. It can turn your Zion accommodations into a part of the adventure, and help you and your family create unique memories together.

But what if camping isn’t your thing? Sleeping on the ground in the cold or the heat, having no way to charge your smartphone or camera, and going without a shower can put a serious damper on your getaway, especially if it’s your first time camping or you already know that you or someone in your group isn’t a fan. Enter glamping.

As the name suggests, glamping is a glamorous alternative to traditional camping. With a variety of amenities that make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable, without sacrificing the chance to get closer to nature, glamping is a growing trend among national park visitors. But do you need to have camping experience to enjoy glamping at Zion Windflower Resort? Keep reading to find out.

Camping Isn’t For Everyone

Outdoor enthusiasts love camping for a number of reasons. It’s a great way to get closer to nature. When you lie down at night, you’ll be able to hear the sounds of insects or step right outside your tent to take in the views of the night sky. Before bed, you can relax around a campfire, swapping stories with family and friends. 

But if you’re not a camping enthusiast, roughing it in a tent during your vacation comes with a number of drawbacks. 

It can be very hot and stuffy in the summer, and chilly in the winter. When it rains, you’ll quickly track mud into your tent, with no convenient option for washing everything. Even with a great sleeping pad or cot, you won’t get the good night’s sleep that you do in a regular bed on a soft mattress. With no way to charge your devices, you’ll need to pack plenty of power boxes so that your cell phone and camera are charged for the next day. 

If you stay in a campground, you may have access to a bathhouse for showers and brushing your teeth. But campground bathrooms often have a reputation for being less than clean and are often in need of repairs and upgrades.

Do You Need Camping Experience to Enjoy Glamping?

Camping isn’t for everyone. Luckily, you won’t need camping experience to enjoy glamping!

With no need to pitch a tent, sleep on the ground, or go without electricity, you don’t need to know how to camp or enjoy doing so in order to enjoy glamping. If you enjoy staying in a resort but want to get a little closer to nature, you’ll love glamping!

Glamping Makes Camping Accessible and Comfortable

Camping isn’t for everyone. But glamping blends many of the benefits of camping, with the comfort and convenience of staying in a hotel room. 

Watchman Tents

Step inside a canvas glamping tent at Zion Wildflower Resort, and you’ll quickly see why glamping is different from traditional camping. Our more “primitive” glamping tent option is the Watchman Tent. But don’t be fooled; these luxurious tents are a far cry from a nylon tent. 

Built on raised wooden platforms to keep you out of the dirt, these spacious tents are big enough to easily stand and walk around in. They feature real beds with soft mattresses and bed linens that guarantee a great night’s sleep. Outlet ports allow you to charge your devices, while lanterns and string lights provide illumination and create the perfect evening ambiance. Heated blankets and cooling units make for a comfortable night’s no matter the time of year.

Just a short walk away, you’ll enjoy access to our luxury bathhouses. A far cry from the bathhouses you’ll find while camping in Zion, our clean, modern bathhouses feature private, lockable bathrooms with showers, vanities, and toilets.

Grand Mesa Tent

For an even more luxurious camping experience, you’ll want to check out our Grand Mesa Tents. These large canvas glamping tents may look like a tent on the outside, but inside, they look more like a room in a luxurious resort.

Handcrafted in South Africa, these large tents are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and electricity. You’ll enjoy a kitchenette complete with a microwave and mini fridge. Choose from tents with a feather-top king bed, two queens, or a king and pullout couch or bunk beds perfect for families.

A spacious, private outdoor patio is perfect for sipping your morning coffee while taking in the views, or relaxing at night beneath the stars. Your family gets to enjoy the experience of camping in Zion, while still enjoying a comfortable, luxurious getaway.

Skip the Long Packing List

One of the biggest benefits of glamping over traditional camping is that you won’t need to load up your car with gear. Camping in Zion means packing tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, lanterns, stoves, tarps, and more. But when you enjoy a glamping experience at Zion Wildflower Resort, everything you need for your stay is provided for you. Our bathhouses are even equipped with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!

The Better Way to Go Camping in Zion

You don’t need to enjoy camping in Zion or have even stayed in a tent to enjoy glamping at Zion Wildflower Resort. Our luxurious glamping tents are perfect for getting closer to nature while still having a comfortable, restful experience.

Ready to give glamping a try? Now is a great time to book a visit to Zion Wildflower Resort! When you book a stay of two or more nights before May 31, you’ll enjoy a 20 percent discount on your stay in a canvas glamping tent, bungalow, or covered wagon. Book your stay today to take advantage of these savings!

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