tips for planning a multi generational getaway at springdale resorts

Tips for Planning a Multi-Generational Getaway at Springdale Resorts

by | May 14, 2023

Southern Utah is a popular destination for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. From a challenging Angels Landing hike to off-roading in nearby Snow Canyon State Park, there’s no shortage of chances to get your adrenaline pumping. But a stay at Springdale resorts isn’t just for those seeking adventure.

A stay at Zion Wildflower Resort is also the perfect chance to bring together multiple generations of family members. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy, from young kids to grandparents. From day trips to nearby state and national parks to swimming near Zion in our brand-new pool, your family will have no trouble filling a weekend, week, or multi-week stay.

Thinking about treating the whole family to a vacation? Keep reading to learn a few tips for planning a successful multi-generational getaway at Springdale resorts.

Plan a Mix of Activities

The best way to bring your diverse family together and ensure that everyone has a fun, memorable trip is to plan a mix of activities. Don’t just go sightseeing or take a few short, family-friendly hikes. Instead, look for a variety of other options that all or most of your family can enjoy together.

Go horseback riding. Take a guided Jeep or off-road tour. Plan a day trip to one of the area’s reservoirs for a day on the water. Visit the Zion Human History Museum. With a little creativity, you’ll find no shortage of things that all members of your family can enjoy together.

Break Off Into Groups

Odds are that there are going to be things that some members of your group want to enjoy that others simply can’t handle. Don’t deny anyone the opportunity to experience Zion in their own way. Instead, split into a couple of groups for the day or even just for the afternoon. 

One group might choose to take on a challenging Angels Landing hike, while another enjoys a leisurely stroll on an easier trail. For the oldest and youngest generations on your vacation, even an afternoon spent relaxing in your vacation rental can be fun, not to mention much-needed on long days.

Just because you split up for a while doesn’t mean that you can’t come back together later in the day. Choose a hotel with a pool in Zion and take a dip to cool off after a day in the sun. Plan to meet up for dinner, or better yet, cook a fun family meal on the outdoor grills at Zion Wildflower. Challenge your family to a game of ping pong or cornhole. That way, everyone gets to enjoy the activities that they choose, and you’ll still make some memories together as a family.

Practice the Buddy-System

When you’re traveling with a group, the individual needs of those who can’t or won’t speak up for themselves can easily get overlooked. An older grandparent who doesn’t want to ruin everyone else’s hike by mentioning that he or she is tired. A young child who hasn’t been drinking any water, despite running and hiking all afternoon.

Practicing the buddy system is a great way to make sure that no one gets overlooked. Assign each member of your group a “buddy.” Be sure to assign those who need a little extra help a buddy who is able to provide that. For instance, young children and older adults should be paired with an adult who will know how to watch for signs of trouble.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

No matter how close your family is, too much “together” can cause some problems. Especially when multiple generations aren’t used to traveling together, tension may rise, particularly after long, hot days. If you choose to stay in a hotel, it’s likely that these tensions will boil over as your family members fight over turns in the bathroom or space on the couch.

Luckily, the right unique Springdale resorts solve this issue. At Zion Wildflower Resort, we have a variety of lodging options to choose from. Grandparents can kick back in comfort in a private Bungalow. Kids of all ages will love to sleep beneath the stars in a canvas tent or wagon. Everyone will be able to enjoy our Springdale resorts amenities and common areas together but still have their own space to retreat to at the end of a long day.

Planning a Multi-Generational Getaway at Springdale Resorts

A vacation together can be an incredible way to create memories that your whole family will cherish. With the right Springdale resorts—like Zion Wildflower—and a little planning, it’s easy to plan a multi-generational getaway the whole family will enjoy.

Ready to start planning your own family-friendly adventure at Springdale resorts? Book your stay at Zion Wildflower Resort today!

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