family friendly activities for your stay in angels landing hotels

Family-Friendly Activities for Your Stay in Angels Landing Hotels

by | Oct 20, 2023

If you’re traveling with kids or older adults, Angels Landing might not be the best choice for your family’s big day in Zion National Park. The challenging five-mile trail has almost 1,500 feet of elevation gain, as well as narrow sections that have hikers facing down steep drop-offs on either side.

But while you might not opt to take on this challenging trail during your stay in Angels Landing hotels, there are plenty of other activities that your family can enjoy together. One great option is to enjoy the many amenities located at Zion Wildflower Resort. Go for a dip in our beautiful new pool. Zip around the property on a complimentary bike. Enjoy our playset and yard games like spike ball and giant Jenga. You can easily fill a full day or many afternoons during your time in our Zion park cabins or glamping tents.

But while trails like Angels Landing or a through-hike of The Narrows might not be family-friendly, there are tons of other activities that your family can enjoy together in Zion National Park. Keep reading to learn a few of our favorites.

Cool Off at Weeping Rock

One popular spot for families looking to cool off in the heat of the summer is Weeping Rock. Located on an easy, family-friendly hike that’s just a half-mile round trip, Weeping Rock is a cliff that curves out over the trail. Walk up a few steps and you’ll be under the shade of the rock, where the air is cooler. Water drips from the cliff above, dropping the temperature a bit more. 

While many trails in the park offer little shade on a hot day, this is a great spot for your family to cool off. There is even a small creek below the cliff that children will enjoy splashing and playing in.

Have a Picnic at Zion Lodge

Packing in a lunch to enjoy on a trail is a great family activity. But if you’re looking for something a bit different, plan a visit to Zion Lodge at lunchtime. You can dine at the restaurant, or just visit the snack bar for a quick meal. There are plenty of large, shady trees where you can enjoy your lunch picnic-style.

Zion National Park may feature plenty of desert scenery, but at the Lodge, you’ll find greenspace as well. This area is perfect for tossing frisbees, playing paddleball, or even starting a touch-football game with your entire family. After a morning of hiking, this is a good way to burn off a bit more energy before heading back to Angels Landing hotels to relax.

Hike Emerald Pools

One of the most popular hikes in all of Zion is also a great family-friendly destination. Emerald Pools is actually separated into two parts; the upper and lower pools. While the hike to the Upper Emerald Pools may be too difficult for young children, the Lower Emerald Pools are at the end of a just .6-mile trail. 

These beautiful pools were once a popular spot for splashing and swimming. However, park officials have taken action to protect the landscape and the natural vegetation. Fences now keep people out of the water, though they won’t keep you and your little ones from enjoying the beauty of this area.

Older children will be able to tackle the extra .3-mile hike to the Upper Emerald Pools. While that may not seem like a long distance, it is uphill and hot. However, the views are well worth the climb, making it a good excursion for families looking for a bit longer hike. To get to either trail, you’ll want to catch the Zion Canyon Shuttle and hop off at the Zion Lodge. 

Spot Wildlife and Flora

A great way to keep kids entertained while on longer trails and to teach them about the park is to purchase or print your own wildlife guide. Before or during your trip, teach your little ones about the creatures that call the park home. You can also educate them on the local flora. 

Then, while you’re hiking, be on the lookout for plants and animals, and encourage your kids to identify them. It’s like nature’s very own scavenger hunt and it’s certain to stave off those endless repetitions of “are we there yet?”

The Best Family-Friendly Fun For Your Stay in Angels Landing Hotels

A stay at Zion Wildflower Resort is certain to be one that the whole family will enjoy. From our unique Covered Wagons that let you imagine what life was like for early pioneers crossing the Southwest, to our glamping tents that offer the experience of camping and the comfort of the best Angels Landing hotels, our resort is an adventure all its own. 

But if you’re looking for family-friendly activities and hikes to enjoy when you do venture into Zion National Park, you have plenty to choose from.

Ready to start planning your next family adventure? Book your stay at Zion Wildflower Resort today!

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