what is canvas tent glamping

What is Canvas Tent Glamping?

by | Aug 7, 2023

Looking for a unique lodging option for your next visit to Southern Utah? How about canvas tent glamping at Zion Wildflower Resort?

When most people think about camping Zion, they no doubt think about nylon tents. Often, these are hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and leave you getting a lousy night’s sleep before a long day of hiking and exploring. But with canvas tent glamping, this isn’t the case at all.

If you’ve never had the chance to go “glamping” before, keep reading. We’re breaking down what you need to know, and why Zion Wildflower should be your choice for canvas tent glamping.

What is Canvas Tent Glamping? 

Canvas tent glamping is a modern take on camping that combines a blend of nature and comfort. The word “glamping” is a fusion of “glamourous” and “camping.” It’s used to describe the luxurious amenities and unique accommodations. These help set this style of camping apart from what your traditional view of it might be.

Canvas glamping tents are a far cry from nylon tents. They’re even a far cry from traditional canvas tents that were the norm when camping just a few decades ago. Those are best remembered for their musty smell and high temperatures inside in the middle of the day.

Today’s canvas glamping tents are often larger than camping tents. They have more space to move around and even divide the space into separate living and sleeping areas. Not only are the tents themselves made of a higher quality material than the canvas tents of yesterday but they’re often filled with the comforts of home. You won’t find sleeping bags or camping cots here. 

Instead, canvas glamping tents are typically outfitted with real beds and mattresses, soft bedding, indoor-style chairs, and other furniture. Sometimes they even come equipped with air-conditioning, heat, and electricity. Many have wooden floors to raise you up off the ground. And unlike many regular camping tents, you’ll be able to fully stand up while canvas tent glamping.

All of this adds up to an experience that doesn’t quite feel like roughing it. You get the experience of sleeping beneath the stars and taking in the sounds of nature, but while still getting a comfortable night’s rest.

What to Expect From Our Zion National Park Accommodations

Not all canvas tent glamping sites are created equal. While they often share similarities, like having regular furniture, not all will have heating or cooling capabilities, separate living and sleeping spaces, or other luxuries to make your stay more comfortable.

But you will enjoy many of these amenities while canvas tent glamping at Zion Wildflower!

Our Zion National Park accommodations offer two different canvas tent options. Our more basic option is the Watchman Tent. But while this might be a little smaller than our other tents that we’ll mention later, don’t assume that means that you won’t enjoy some surprising luxuries!

Watchman Tents

Head down the lit path, and you’ll find your Watchman Tent nestled among the cacti and wild sage. Each single-pole canvas tent is erected on a raised platform, with a private deck on the back with rocking chairs that are perfect for taking in the sunset.

Inside the tent, you’ll find a plush bed with soft linens just like you’d find at a resort. Outlet ports allow you to charge your devices, while lanterns and string lights provide soft lighting. Heated blankets are perfect for warming up on a chilly night, while cooling units make it possible to enjoy a stay in one of our tents during the hot Utah summer.

Grand Mesa Tents

Looking to elevate your canvas tent glamping experience? The Grand Mesa Tents at Zion Wildflower Resort are the most luxurious option for camping Zion.

While they may look like canvas tents from the outside, step into one of the Grand Mesa Tents, and you’ll think you’ve been transported to a chic resort room. Each tent has real walls separating the living spaces from the tents’ most unique features; en-suite bathrooms! A rare find while canvas tent glamping, the luxurious modern bathrooms offer privacy and luxury without sacrificing the camping experience. 

Glass French doors in the living area give you a view of the outside, while your private patio complete with chairs lets you enjoy your morning coffee outside. 

Speaking of coffee, every tent comes equipped with a coffee maker, mini fridge, and microwave, real lights and electricity, and even heat and air conditioning.

There are multiple different types of Grand Mesa Tents to choose from. Opt for two Queen beds, a King Bed and a bunk bed, a King bed and a pull out bed, or the Grand Mesa King Suite.

Planning Your Canvas Tent Glamping Experience

If you’re looking for a unique way to elevate your next visit to Zion National Park, a canvas tent glamping experience at Zion Wildflower is a great choice! Our Zion National Park accommodations allow guests to enjoy the experience of camping, with the nightly noises of the desert, the stunning sunrises, and the feeling of sleeping with just a tent top between you and the stars. But with our luxurious glamping tents, you won’t have to worry about sweating the night away in a tent or sacrificing the amenities you’d find in a hotel.

Ready to see for yourself what makes camping Zion so special? Book one of our glamping tents today!

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